We purchased a package of used equipment to outfit our new brewery and are selling off the items we didnt use during the build out to make room. For sale are the following items:

HDP 4 Roller Mill
This is a nice heavy duty 4 roller mill. It is an older unit but worked great when we removed it from service. Has 4 rollers, a feed roller in the inlet, and magnets to catch foreign objects. These HDP mills are built to last and highly capable. This was removed from a 25k bbl per year brewery and is a great value at this price for a production brewery or a high end mill for a pub. $5,000 OBO

Friesen Grist Case
Grist case was in use with the HDP mill listed above. Sellers told me it held approximately ~ 750# of malt but we cannot verify as we've never used it. My guess is it holds that much or slightly more. It has legs that raise the height to match up with the height of the mill. You'll need to create some funnel/boot system to mate the two together but it should be straight forward. $1,000 OBO

Chore-Time Auger
Approximately ~ 30ft flex auger with drive motor and outlet boot. Some of the PVC housing was damaged during transport so its a mixed bag of some useable straight and curved pieces. If it were me I would purchase new PVC for whatever configuration I need because its cheap but we will include the PVC we have with the sale if the buyer wants it. This is a pretty new unit with very little use. $2,000 OBO

Located in San Luis Obispo, CA

Email Max [at] theredoesnotexist.com or call 805.801.4013 for more info or pictures