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Thread: Drying and selling spent grain

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    Drying and selling spent grain

    My name is Lino Kim who is going to open brewery in Bogota, Colombia.
    I will buy 2000L 3-vessels brewhouse.
    One of my concern is disposal of spent grain.

    I searched and found grain drying machine from Alibaba, China.

    They will change voltage for me. (additional 200USD)
    1,000 kg capacity, 3,721USD + 1,000USD for wooden packing amd inland cost to the port.

    Will it worth? Or better throw spent grain away?

    Lino Kim
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    Sell, or if necessary, give it away to farmers for their animal feed (chickens, cattle etc)

    You will spend stupid amounts of money drying the spent grain. We tried burning it, and had to reduced it from whatever normal spent grains moisture was DOWN to 38 - 42 % before we could attempt to burn it - so installed an expensive belt press - then had to dispose of the extruded water into the effluent. After drying, you will still have to dispose of it, so get rid of it wet.

    This so called offer doesn't tell you how much moisture it will remove in a given time from a given amount of grain. I am certain the weight quoted is the weight of the equipment, not what it will hold. It looks as though it is intended for drying whole rice grain, to reduce moisture by a few percent only to make it stable for storage, not to dry 60% moisture content wet milled grain. I simply don't believe it will work on spent drains, and will cost you more in electricity to dry a batch of grain than you will ever make from selling the beer produced.

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    Develop a good relationship with a livestock grower nearby who can feed wet grain to his critters. We've been giving our spent grain to a local rancher for years, and in return, we get a butchered beef every year.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.

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    el valor nutricional es mucho menor despues de un mash. los azucares estan en wort. como un alimento para animales, no es un grado alto. pide un intercambio- granos para un cochino, vaca, cabra, etc. uno o dos veces cada ano.

    haz un parrilla y festar.

    no compras el secador.

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    Good advise

    Thank you all.
    I will not buy and looking for farmer or something near here.

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