3BBL brewing system main equipment list is as follows:
3BBL Mash lauter tun designed for high gravity beer - grist hydrator, insluation/steam jacketed,flase bottom, rake,top agitator,auto grain spent, sparging
3BBL Kettle whirlpool tun - steam jackets/electric heating/direct fire, steam spent indoor, tangential entry
Pumps with ABB motor
Stainless steel 304 working platform
Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates
wort grant, hops back
Pipelines and valves
6bbl Hot liquor tanks and pumps
3bbl and 6bbl fermentation tanks/bright tanks-internal pickling and passivation,raking arm, insulation and cooling jacketed, saft valve, pressure adjust valve,glycol solenoid valve,
Chiller and Cold liquor tanks
Button/touch screen Control panel with UL/CSA rated
Quick-wear parts
Installation and commissioning service door to door

Complete engineering support and onsite installation!

Please contact us for more details!

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