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    Brewer: Raleigh, NC

    1323 R&D is a pilot system located in Raleigh, NC. We constructed a 3.5 bbl pilot brewing system to research, develop and gain feedback from our many connections within the community. The system allows for innovation, creativity and hopefully will provide consumers with a beer they helped create. Our future plans include building a 30bbl Rolec production brewery with a taproom and outdoor beer garden. We currently have a variety of single and double hop IPAs, Lagers and Stouts in the market. The concept of these small batches is to collect feedback to help us determine recipes destined for larger production next year. The idea is to reach a higher level of perfection, tailored to popular demand, so that our packaged beers are tried and true with a story that includes our community.

    1323 R&D is seeking a highly motivated and committed brewer to join our team. The position is full-time with regular shift work, including possible nights and weekends. The brewer is expected to be punctual, self-motivated, and contribute within a teamwork environment.

    Primary Job Responsibilities
    • Brewhouse Operations
    • Cellar Operations
    • Fermentation Control
    • Dry Hopping
    • Quality Lab Assistance
    • Yeast Management
    • Sterile Tank Sampling
    • Continually maintain all beer production areas

    Job Requirements
    • Understands and is committed to safety and quality
    • Displays meticulous attention to detail
    • Understands the basic science of brewing
    • Is comfortable following Standard Operating Procedures
    • Displays excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Functions well in a team environment
    • Has strong process awareness
    • Possesses mechanical aptitude about pumps, valves, seals
    • Is passionate about brewing and interested in learning

    Preferred Credentials
    • Brewing degree (UC Davis, VLB, Siebel, Herriot Watt, Doemens, ABG, etc.)
    • Or comparable science degree
    • Or >3 years experience in commercial brewing

    Resumes can be sent to
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