Hiring the best brewers
by Teri Fahrendorf
© Teri Fahrendort, reprinted with permission of author

Four Main Points
1. Develop your management skills.
2. Take the time in hiring to avoid the pain of firing.
3. 1 + 10% Hiring: Hire someone 10% smarter or more experienced than you are.
4. Train the people who work for you to do the same.

The Resume & Cover Letter as a Tool
1. Resume = Reports the facts. A snapshot of the candidate’s technical background (left brain).
2. Cover Letter = An opportunity for the candidate to sell him/herself or make his/her case. Or not. A snapshot of the candidate’s personality & interest level (right brain).
3. A great cover letter & resume gives the candidate a competitive edge and gets the first Interview.
4. Shows communication skills. Especially if combined with phone conversations.

Positive Aspects to Look for On The Cover Letter & Resume
1. Related experience (incl. homebrewing) = ability to get-up-to-speed quickly, low training cost.
2. Good communication skills = shows organization and maturity.
3. Excellent looking resume & cover letter = good attention to details.
4. Persistence = hard-working, sticks to it when things get tough.
5. Leadership positions = takes on responsibility, self-motivated & self-directed.
6. Long stints at small number of jobs = dedicated employee.

Negative Aspects to Avoid – Related Examples
1. No related experience = not serious about becoming a brewer.
2. Poor communication (phone, written) = unorganized, difficult to train.
3. Cover or resume missing or typos = disrespectful, not serious, careless.
4. No follow-up to the resume = not really interested in the job.
5. No leadership positions = looking for job & not career, avoids responsibility.
6. Small stints at lots of jobs = easily bored & restless, gone in a year.

The Dream Candidate Has These Good Qualities
1. Attitude: Cheerful, friendly and sincere.
2. Character: Honest, dedicated, hard-working, capable, competent, and focused.
3. Personality: Flexible, organized, determined, and follows directions well.
4. Resume & Cover Letter.
5. Job Interviews.
6. Anything else he/she can offer me as an employer. (I don’t really care about his/her desires to move to Oregon, or similar things at this point.)