I am looking for a brewing position with a great company. Below are some of my relevant skills. If this might fit in what you and your company are looking for please private message me here.

Thank you

Skills and Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of brewing processes from “grain to glass”
Trained in startup and operation of GEA Centrifuge – multiple beer styles
Experience with med single sheet filter and large fold over pads style hydraulic plate and frame filter
Daily fermentation monitoring; gravities, yeast cell counts/viability/vitality, VDK, GC/MS use, etc.
Using titration kits to verify effective use of chemicals during cleaning of vessels and equipment
CO2 Dry Hop Injection system – using pipe fence system to dry hop 600bbl and 1200 bbl fermenters
Dedicated to adhering to SOP’s and to maintaining high product quality and workplace safety(OSHA)
Ample experience in yeast management (cropping, starters, pitch rates, generation tracking)
Focused on sanitary environments (operating CIP and cellar equipment per established standards)
Development of logs for brewhouse and adherence to strict quality control/assurance processes
Experience in barrel aging practices, blending of beers and testing to for sensory & anyalytics
Extremely strong project management skills with a propensity for enacting positive change
Employee training and management experience covering multiple aspects of operational functions
Inventory control, purchasing and receiving of materials – both short and long term (i.e. Hop contracts)
Well versed in production scheduling, cellaring and packaging operations
Ability to be successful work across beer styles to formulate recipes
Excellent communication skills to discuss and relay technical information
Strong sales and marketing experience in wide range of products