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Thread: 108 Like new 50L kegs and a two head keg washer

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    108 Like new 50L kegs and a two head keg washer


    We have 108 50L kegs that were just completely redone by Sabco last year, however we will not be using them. Most of them have never been used since coming back from Sabco, some have been used. All sankey D. None are embossed with our brewery logos, though about 20 have a vinyl sticker on them, but that would be easily removed for your own branding. We're also including 23 extra spears as well.

    We would like to sell them along with our two head automatic keg washer. The keg washer is custom built and operates automatically once kegs are hooked up. It runs deullage - rinse - cleaner (not caustic) - rinse - sani - co2.

    We are looking for $10k for the whole package. At this point we're not interested in separating them. They are available in Syracuse, NY. We can help pack and load, but any crating and shipping would be at your expense.

    Thank you for your interest.

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    Kegs and washer

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get a few pictures of the kegs and washer. Possibly a video of washer in operation thank you. Any information about washer would be helpful.

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