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Thread: Sticking wrapped cans

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    Sticking wrapped cans

    So we have used two different providers for wrapped cans. There are some runs with no issues. But this last batch, the cans are sticking to each other on conveyor after depalletization. This is making it so the cans are unable to aline to go down the shoot. The first can provider stated that it was due to an issue with the label maker. I then tried out our newer provider and had no issues. Well, I just received a new truck load of cans and now having the same issue. The only solution I have found is to pay a guy to stand on a ladder and when the cans stick, to manual push them along.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Any solutions?

    Does anyone know what is causing them to "stick" together?

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    We had the same issue

    I had the same issue with sleeved cans. I bought these 2 items :

    and this:

    I go through about 4 AA batteries a week running 4-5 shifts @ 8 hours per run. Problem solved.

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