We have around 500 1/2B and 1/6B lightly used German made Franke kegs for sale.
They are the highest quality kegs you can buy and are backed by a 30 year warranty.
Most of the cheaper made kegs have warranties of a year or two.

Drop-in Sanke Micromatic spears.

The oldest ones were originally made in late 2012 and the newest in late 2014.
They have been cleaned and refilled approximately 15 -24 times.
Our kegging unit uses steam and caustic solution in the keg cleaning process so they are fresh and have no accumulated beerstone.

We will help arrange for the most economical shipping but the cost of shipping is not included in the keg price.

“Keg Logistics” is embossed on the upper chime and is the only embossing so legally converting to your brewery ID is easy.
No knurling is required.

Our brewery's logo silk is screened on their sides but can be easily removed with an acetone dampened rag.
Just wrap with your own logo tape or stickers and be ready to fill.

$91 for 1/2B kegs and $67 for the 1/6B kegs.
Larger orders = lower price per keg.
If you want to buy all the kegs left we will give you a substantial discount.

If you would like pictures or more information email me at danalinscott@yahoo.com