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Thread: new keg washer from pbst ------------------ Transformer-3

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    new keg washer from pbst ------------------ Transformer-3

    The most versatile keg washer on the market.

    Transformer-3 allows you to arrange your own cleaning sequence(yes, you read this correctly).
    For instance, you can add a water rinse step after caustic rinse(compared to our existing factory default cleaning sequence),
    or use CO2 to drain the caustic from the keg(rather than using air), back to either the caustic tank,
    or down to the drain, as you like. You are in control; You morph it into washer of any sequence you like.

    If you always find the keg washers on the market do not provide you with the cleaning program you need,
    or you have changing needs of cleaning from day to day, Transformer-3 is for you.

    Contact eason@pbst for any questions.

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