Complete 6hl used brewhouse including:

Brewing system:

- Compact 3 vessels brewing with mashtun stacked over the HLT for floor optimisation
- 160 gallons (600L) mash tun with a 3 pieces wedge wire false bottom
- 215 gallons (815L) isolated hot liquor tank (no heating)
- 215 gallons (815L) kettle
- 250 000 btu gaz burner
- Oversize plate exchanger with a double cooling section (cold water followed by glycol if needed)
- Fixed pipe centrifuge pump
- Control panel for pump control, temperature display and burner activation. (everything is working but it would need an update)

Fermentation, transfer and carbonatation:

- 3 x 190 gallons (700L) conical fermenting vessels (double sided) with cleaning spray ball, 2 probes, 2 solenoid valves, and 2 pressure relief valves.
- 4 x 160 gallons (600L) single sided service tank (bbt)
- 1 glycol cooling system used for the 3 fermenters
- 1 control panel for the cooling of the 3 fermenters
- Centrifuge pump on a cady for cip or transfer.
- couple of food grade 1-1/2 hoses (tri-clamp)
- Huge bucket of spare parts including carbonatation stones, tri-clamp, fitting, etc.
- Cold room compressor and evaporator. Was used to keep the 4 service tanks + some kegs cold in a 150 sqft cold room.

This is an old system but everything is working. There is some aesthetic damage on the kettle and on some other parts. I would suggest a couple investments on the system to make it work like a new one.
Price asked will reflect the actual condition of the system.

Everything has been stored for over a year and is ready to go.

Starting price is 65K$ CAD, will be flexible if buyer can take possession of the equipement quickly. Buyer will be responsible of moving the equipement.

Contact me for more informations.

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