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Thread: SF Bay Area brewer Looking for new opportunity

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    SF Bay Area brewer Looking for new opportunity

    Hello all,

    I have been brewing commercially for over three years and am currently the head brewer at two breweries here in the bay area.

    I'm experienced on systems ranging from 3.5 bbl - 15 bbl, single batching, double batching, triple batching, quadruple batching, and have no problem working alone or managing a team.

    Confident in brewing your recipes again and again, tweaking them, or developing new recipes. I know how to keep a clean brewery and keep the beer flowing and tasting it's best.

    Recently I won silver at the San Diego International Beer Festival.

    Also open to relocating.


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    Seeking Brewer Consultant


    We are a new and growing brewery (and winery) and hop farm seeking a master brewer to help with recipe development, experimentation, and refining current recipies. All production is setup and running with self distributing in SF, Oakland, Berkeley and Sacramento. Please call or email.

    Jody Harris

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