15 BBL 4 piece steam heated Mash tun and kettle. Custom Metalcraft 2012.
370 bbl of fermenters 5 10 bbl and 11 30 bbl
Canning machine
Bottling machine
Tractor forklift.
True cellar - great unique location with two national awards for best tours.
70 seat tap room.

Owner is willing to sell just the brewery and inventory which will allow a lower entry price to owning your brewery! Not willing to sell for relocation of brewery, you would not want to lose this location anyway.
Restaurant is located in building next door and serves to the tap room. Restaurant is also an option for purchase, now or later.

Event center is in planning stage for up to 250 person weddings, also in existing building on-site.

Buildings are also available, but can be rented from owner with options to buy.

Business is profitable and growing. Great chance to get started with a brewery.