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Thread: Premier Stainless 2-Keg Washer Not Evacuating

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    Premier Stainless 2-Keg Washer Not Evacuating

    We just acquired a Premier Stainless 2 Keg Washer from another brewery and hooked it up for the first time. While going through the stages of the wash we get to the evacuation process we are getting an error to check kegs if empty. You may proceed to the next step, otherwise repeat step question. We repeat and we get the same error. We also got a check sensor error, but it doesn't say which one. I've read a few other posts (particularly the one who was using CO2 for everything---we are not) and it pointed to line sizing and pressure. Any ideas on what may be happening?


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    Please send me your email contact to I'll send you a manual and a trouble shooting document that should get you up and running. Also specify the model and approximate age. It is a work day here in Australia.


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