Let me save anyone the pain of dealing with this company so you don't go through the pain we have.

Don't buy from Shandong Shendong Equipment Technology Co Ltd! (SDET)

At first they seemed really great and involved. The problems started when they wouldn't give us proper schematics for the electrical or processes lines.

We had to try to figure that out for ourself, our electrician was awe struck with how none sensical many of their design for electricity were.

Their glycol system is completely out of the loop. Who on earth has 60 bbl glycol tank for only a 20 bbl Brew system.
The chillers they sent us were meant to be put outside but only functional to tempatures of -10 -to 45 C. Which makes no sense Becuase winters in Canada are normal far below - 10 C in Canada.

I paid extra for everything to be CSA approved and many items were not up to CSA. So I needed to pay for that extra $4000 US for them.

We brought in one of their engineers to oversee but he was useless and did next to nothing to make the process easier on us what a waste of 3000 dollars.

They were inflexible when we wanted to make changes and blamed us for errors from the factory on their end. Such as not connecting the overloads on the coolers leading to both condesnors blowing up nearly injuring one of my contractors.

Equipment that showed up damaged they did not want to pay to repair, and so much of their fitting were extremely loose and leaky, we had to replace almost all the fittings as they leaked.

I am incredibly disappointed in dealing with them I will never buy through China again after this experience.

So overall, avoid them!