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Thread: 1 hour mash!

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    1 hour mash!

    Hey fellow Pro Brewers! I am a traditionalist in mashing for one hour, but I hear some pros go less. Even 1/2 hour mashes. They feel they don’t need a long mash due to more modified malts. Any thoughts. I brew 3 bbl for a winery on gas and could use the extra time! Thank you!

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    Iodine Test

    After 30 min of mash time; test our mash and see if all the starches are converted.


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    I've been doing 15 minute mashes for the last year or so with no problems. We have a stand alone mash tun that isn't super well insulated, so we drop temp a bit as we rest. With a shorter rest we prevent this and are also still going to get some conversion during the beginning of the sparge/lauter phase as the grain bed begins to warm up.

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    Mashing in takes about 15min, sani on the lines is 20m, vorlauf is 15m. then we start run off. The mash sits at least 35 minutes before runoff and as long as 50 min. No problems with conversion, extract, or clarity.

    Look at the specs that come with your malt. Most say conversion >=15 min. Shorten that up and get more done!

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    Feel has nothing to do with it, either the mash is converted or it isn't. Just run an iodine test every 5 minutes from the start of your mash timer, you'll be surprised how quickly it goes. When you're running multiple turns a day every day, those minutes add up really really fast. We're running about 15 minutes from the time the mash is fully in to the time we start collecting.

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