Hey guys!

My names Ty and I was in the Marine Corps Reserves for 6 years when I was attending college, where I was the first in my family and obtained my Bachelors of Management before I started homebrewing. I quickly fell in love and decided to enroll myself in Siebel Institute of Technology, start a small busiess revolving around homebrewing where I help homebrewers with their water chemistry for brewing, and jump in to the brewing industry. I became an assistant brewer for a 10bbl brewhouse before becoming a taproom manager and later head brewer of a 3.5bbl brewery in northern California. I learned everything I needed to from running that small brewery to be able to run my own and do a lot better then the other owners I've worked for.

I listen to audiobooks daily about business, marketing, branding, brewing, and life and need to implement this information I am continuously learning on my own brewery.

I spend the last 4 months traveling around Europe alone (first time out of the US) and had the opportunity to brew with brewers in a few countries out in Europe, all while making long term connections. I had a traveling/brewing blog for my journies.

Now that I am back in the states, I made the decision to start my brewery in Sevilla, Spain.

I have a business plan with everything the brewery will need to get started. The only thing I need now are some investors who would be given equity in the brewery, or potential partners who would provide the finanicals to start this (to be) extremely profitable brewery in the heart of the Andalucia region in Southern Spain, where the craft beer market is how the US craft beer market was 8 years ago, ready to take off.

If you're interested in this unique opportunity to start a brewery out in Spain, email me at Ty@watersbrewer.com

I look forward to speaking with you!