We are a small local craft brewery that launched in Fall 2016 after years of hard work, investment and vision. Co-owners have an established profitable business and are ready to grow.
Our Brewmaster has been brewing professionally for over 20 years, has won national and international awards. We are production only, which means our beer can only be found and enjoyed at your favorite bars, restaurants and liquor stores. Distribution has been kept to a small local area and we are ready to expand with the right partner.

Rather than just hire an employee, we want a partner who will share in our vision and grow our brand through outside sales and distribution. The ideal candidate will:
[LIST][*]Excel in time management and in organizational skills in order to balance the needs of ongoing clients, new clients and beer inventory.[*]Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills to be able to talk appropriately about the beer, what makes it special and be genuinely happy about doing it. [*]Be gifted with the persistence and independent work ethic required for outside sales, which requires phone calls, follow ups, in person conversations and reporting.[*]Have reliable transportation that can carry multiple kegs. A truck is ideal for distribution. You will need your own car to pick up kegs and bring them to establishments around the San Jose/Bay Area. [*]Enjoy a flexible lifestyle. Although this position will require around 10-15 hours per week of work, the ideal candidate will schedule their own deliveries at times that work for the clients (which may include some nights or weekends) and be available for next day requests.[*]What else do you bring to the table? The ideal candidate will also make an investment into the company and receive a portion of the company in return. The investment will be of time, money, energy and passion. So to be clear, this is not a paid position, but rather a chance to be a part owner and contributor in a brewing company.

If this sounds like we should talk, please reach out with your resume/background and interest to craftbrewpartner@gmail.com.