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Thread: wheat ale hops

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    wheat ale hops

    We are doing the 2nd brew of a wheat ale, the first was pretty good, It wasn't my recipe, so looking to tighten this up a bit.
    Im thinking of upping the wheat % and using 2 row instead of Pilsen. Then thinking of a more subtle hop profile to showcase the wheat, maybe Hallertau.
    or the other side , with something like Amarillo or willamette
    Also some honey at the end of boil .

    Thanks a milli for any idea and thoughts.

    This would be for a 10Hl batch

    OG recipe:

    100kg Pilsen Malt
    50 kg Munich malt
    40 kg Wheat malt

    cascade at
    0 min

    US-05 American Ale yeast

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    I'm designing an american wheat beer at the moment too. I'm thinking Amarillo vs Cascade.

    I find cascade is straight citrus, let's call it "Traditional Citrus" aka lime/lemon. I love it but Amarillo is more of a enticing, orange, grapefruit, almost more refreshing. A little seems to go farther.

    The wheat is super smooth so I fear the hops can easily dominate the malt. 24 IBU's tops for a 5% abv for example.

    I don't think honey at the end will cut through post ferment. I would go with honey malt. maybe 5%? Do some research on that.

    Otherwise my plan is
    40% Wheat
    30% Pale Ale or 2 Row
    30% Pilsen
    +Some rice hulls (Lauter)/Some acidulated Malt (PH)

    The Pilsen is so much more bready and smooth but it comes with the risk of DMS. I think a blend with base pale malt but never just Pilsen and wheat.

    With a 60 min boil I am thinking at 45 Mins to knock out Amarillo for 15 IBUs, at 15 Mins to Knock out another bit of Amarillo for 5 IBUs, a bit in the whirlpool (After water top up) around 93C for Oil extraction and the remaining 3 or 4 IBUs. Talking about reduced amount of knock out hops I would use vs a pale ale. Then an average dry hop. Perhaps two smaller ones like a NEIPA. (One comes out with the yeast).

    I haven't tried the K-97 yeast but I like the fact that it will stay hazier longer, and seeing as 05 is used a lot here I am willing to take a gamble and see how it behaves at 17C.
    Leigh Davison
    Head Brewer, Partner & Beer Alchemist @ Schoolhouse Brewery
    Windsor, Nova Scotia
    "The Beer with Class"

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