Jack's Abby Brewing has an exciting opportunity for a Quality/Lab Manager position. JAB is looking for the right candidate who can help the brewery manage quality as it grows from 45k bbl in 2017 to a longer term vision of 100k in a few years.

This position would manage an existing four person quality team in addition to working closely with the entire production team. This would include oversight of all Jack's Abby Craft Lagers production as well as the Springdale Barrel Room which currently houses over 3,000 bbls of beer aging in wood.

Jack's Abby Brewing is a fast paced work environment that is continually evolving its goal to produce the highest quality lagers and ales in the market. We're looking for the right candidate who shares our passion for quality beer and to lead the quality/lab team for future challenges.

This is a full-time position with access to health, dental, and 401K benefis. Please apply with a resume and cover letter, including professional references.

The Quality/Lab Manager is responsible for the daily performance of the lab staff as well as assisting other department heads with any quality related issues. This includes, but is not limited to, analyzing fermentation schedules and identifying any problems, analyzing issues on the production line, including both the canning line and keg racker, and monitoring brewhouse efficiencies. Applicants must be comfortable communicating with all departments to ensure all issues are being addressed and changes are being implemented appropriately.

The Quality/Lab Manager is also responsible for performing all microbiological contamination detection, including media prep, plating, and analyzing results.

If any beer specifications are not met, it is the responsibility of the Quality Manager to work with all departments to identify points in the process where improvements can be made.

The Quality/Lab Manager is also responsible for the design, structure, and implementation of a comprehensive quality monitoring software program. This includes, but is not limited to, checking to ensure data has been updated properly, staff are using the software correctly, identifying issues in the usefulness of the program and communicating that with the developers, testing new features as they are released, and using the program to analyze data trends in order to improve processes in the day to day operations of the brewery, as well as overall product quality.

The Quality/Lab Manager should have a strong background in the biological sciences, food science, or biochemistry. They should be capable of communicating frequently with a variety of people, and able to multitask with multiple issues at once. The ability to think on their feet and quickly adapt to change is critical. The ability to prioritize and manage tasks and time is another integral part of the position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Monitor daily tasks of lab technician

Assist in lab tasks as needed

Perform all microbiology, including plating as well as reading results

Keep diligent records of all lab results and data

Recognize issues proactively and troubleshoot with other department heads to come up with a solution

Monitor all tanks in the cellar and their fermentation progress

Supervise a variety of staff as they perform tasks connected to quality

Write and implement new SOPs

Order supplies and budget accordingly

Communicate effectively with all departments

Perform small scale experiments before scaling up to the brewhouse

Assist Springdale Barrel Room with sour culture maintenance as needed

Job Requirements:

4 year degree in biology, food science, biochemistry, microbiology, or similar biological science

2 years of production brewery experience

Effective communication skills between members of all departments

Proficiency in microbiology, including catalase testing, oxidase testing, gram staining, and properly utilizing a laminar flow cabinet

Fluency in scientific language, including the ability to read a new protocol, determine the usefulness, write an SOP, and implement the test

The ability to remain calm under high stress situations

The ability to rapidly adjust to changes as they occur

Exceptional note taking and record keeping

Statistical analytical experience a plus, but at minimum the ability to map and identify trends critical to the quality of the process and product

Ability to work in a loud, non temperature controlled environment

Ability to lift 50 pounds

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