10bbl Stainless Jacketed Brite Tanks by APEX Brewing in Loomis, CA

These tanks were shipped to CT last fall, but never once used.

From the company website:

3mm Inner Tank Wall Thickness
2mm Outer Cooling Shell Thickness
2" Thermal Polyurethane Insulation with both cone and shell coolant jackets
Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
Pressure Gage, Liquid Filled
Large Dial Thermometer with a 10" probe
2" Spinning CIP Ball
6in Carbstone
440mm x 330mm Shadowless Manway (Large and Clean)
Tri Clamp Fittings on all ports including Glycol Ports
NPT on temp control thermowell
Sample Valve
20 PSI working pressure, Tested to 45 PSI
Internally Polished to 2n Sanitary Finish
Sight Level Tube
4 butterfly valves, 2 for sight level tube, outlet and cip


$7800 each tank


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