Vessel 1 comprises a mash tun above and a whirlpool chamber below.
Vessel 2 is the kettle, complete with two independently controlled electric heating elements and an agitator. Only one element is functional and both could be replaced with higher rated elements (We had electrical current limitations coming into our brewery).
Includes pump and control box and heat exchanger. Control box is able to monitor and control up to 7 fermenters.
USD 3,000

Glycol tank:
Four ports (chiller in/out and fermenters in/out).
Comes with temperature sensor and is controlled form control box.
Tap at bottom for drainage.
USD 400

5.5kW chiller in full working order. Had pump and condenser replaced within the last 3 months.
USD 1,500

Everything is uninstalled and in storage on pallets ready to go. Buyer must arrange for pick up and shipment. Price for all items USD 4,500

Message me if you want to see photos or require more detail.