10 Barrel Brewery for Sale

For sale is our beloved brewhouse and fermenters, the items for sale are,
Mash/ Lauter
Heat Exchanger
Two Roller Mill and Auger
Two 7 bbl Bright Beer Tanks
Four 10bbl Fermenters
Filter Housing
Hop Back
Glycol Chiller and Reservoir Tank
Natural Gas Boiler and Condensate Return

Brewery is located in Saskatoon, Sk, Canada and is currently in operation. The equipment will be available to ship spring 2019. Asking price is

Contact Cameron Ewen and Heather Williams at 888beerme@gmail.com to purchase or for additional questions.

Items in Detail - Check out below or for pictures follow link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing

Mash/Lauter - volume L 5’2”, W 5’2”, H 9’2”, Converted Dairy Tank, Insulated on sides and bottom, static spray ball for sparging, max production 10bbl of 1.070 wort, great paint job, no grist hydrator

Kettle/Whirlpool - volume 1950L/480gal, L 5’, W 5’, H 9’8”, internal coil for steam, uninsulated, sight glass

Heat Exchanger volume 25L/6gal, L 7’, W 10”, H 5’, two channels in use, could be expanded to 4 channels, APV Paraflow M/C 3968, made in England, cools 10bbl in 70 minutes with 2C/34F water

Two Roller Mill and Auger, volume 1bag, L 4’, W 2’, H 4’, Farm King brand, 20 minutes to mill grain into mash/lauter.

Two 7 bbl Bright Beer Tanks, volume 1000L/250 gal, L 4’, W 4’, H 8’6”, glycol jacketed around entire side, insulated, copper clad - copper has dents and some scratches, top manway, could also be used as cold or hot liquor tanks, Price-Schonstrom Inc. build in 2003, SN A03302 CRN 0 6545.5, has standpipe and bottom drain, no spray balls

Four 10bbl Fermenters, volume 1350L/330 gal, L 4’, W 4’, H 9’6”, Glycol jacketed, one tank has glycol around the cone, insulated, 15 psi working pressure, sight glasses, side manway with shadow, static spray ball for CIP

Filter Housing, volume 150L/37 gal, L 2’6”, W 2’6”, H 5’, hold 11 cartridges, build by Pall.

Hop Back, volume 100L/25gal, L 4’2”, W 2’6”, H 5”, build from a DE filter, working pressure 30psi, has stainless steel mesh screens,

Glycol chiller and Reservoir, Reservoir volume 1000L/250 gal, L 7’, W 4’6”, height on stand 6’6”, tank is insulated, chiller sits above reservoir and is hooked up to two copper coils that maintain the glycol temperature

Boiler and Condensate Return, volume 800L/200 gal, L 7’, W 5’, H 7’, runs on natural gas, insulated, has startup and shutdown timer