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Thread: 3 BBL turnkey electric system with 3.5HP prochiller for sale

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    3 BBL turnkey electric system with 3.5HP prochiller for sale

    This is a Stout brewing setup @3Bbl, Electric heated with Rims Mash system. This system is complete, ready to ship and Ready to use. There are two CIP pumps included. Just over 100bbls have been brewed on this system and it has been well cared for and is VERY clean. There are 3@3Bbl fermenters included as well as the KO heat Exchanger, clamps gaskets...Everything you need to brew. Setup assistance, for a fee, can easily be had. The system ships from 28712 area code and should fit in a small Uhaul truck. Shipping assistance can be negotiated, again for a fee.

    I don't have a picture of the chiller but I will get one ASAP.

    The Price is $52,000
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    3bbl turnkey

    I take it this runs on 240V. Is it set up for single phase? I'm in the 28638 area. Would I be able to see the system running or is it not in use right now? About how long does it take to brew a batch on this set up?

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