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Thread: Number of Kegs for brew pub

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    Number of Kegs for brew pub

    I am about to place an order for kegs and am looking for a little guidance on numbers. We are a 3 barrel brewhouse with 4x 3 barrel fermenters and 2x 6 barrel fermenters and a 2 head keg washer. We will not be distributing, only selling in house. My goal for year 1 is 250 barrels.
    With that said, what is a realistic mix of half barrel and 1/4 barrel slims would you say we should start out with based on the above numbers?
    Thank you!

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    I would recommend pouring from serving tanks. So much easier and less labor cleaning. But if you can’t do that I would say around 45 half barrel kegs and around 20 Sixtels....and a lot of keg washing. Just that amount of kegs will take a lot of storage space. Plan accordingly.

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    I am a 3bbl system serving all through our taproom. Somewhere around 84 1/2bbl kegs and 12 1/6bbl kegs. I couldn't do it with any less on the halls but could get by with just a few sixtels.

    But serving tanks would be way way easier

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    For me I based the number of kegs on how many beers I wanted on tap. I have 10 on tap so I got enough 1/2 bbl kegs to hold a batch for each faucet (so if you had 10 on tap for 3 bbl system, 60 1/2 bbl kegs). Plus an additional set for 1 batch (6 more). I also purchased a small amount of 1/4 bbl and 1/6 bbl for taking to shows and very limited distribution. This has worked great for us. There's always enough kegs empty in rotation to keg the next batch.

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    We are a 7 bbl brew pub with virtually everything served in house, upgraded from 4 bbl brewhouse December 2017. Approximately 350 bbl a year. 12 beers on tap most of the time. 2 head manual keg washer. We have roughly 150 larger kegs (mix of 1/2 bbl and 50L) and 12 1/4 bbl kegs that we use for festivals, special events, etc. 1/2 bbl kegs save time on cleaning and filling over 1/4 bbls if it is all in house anyway.

    Washing kegs is not that terrible. I wash kegs for less than 1/2 a day per week, and usually I'm washing and filling kegs at the same time, so it is actually a pretty efficient use of time.

    Good luck.

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    We're a 5BBL brewpub and have been open about a year and a half. We did 370BBL our first year and currently have 21 house-brewed beers on tap. We serve our fast-moving beers out of brites (we have six, 3 5BBL and 3 10BBL) and the rest out of kegs. We currently have 144 1/2 BBL and 70 1/6 BBL kegs. So far, we've been able to keep up with these kegs but I'm thinking we'll add some more by the end of summer for the barrel-aged and sour beers I currently have in production. I didn't find that the price breaks per keg were all that great at my level so I ordered them as I needed them and this is where I ended up.

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    I brew at a brewpub with a 3bbl system, and 3x 6bbl fermenters. We have 10 draft lines. I have around 140 1/2bbl kegs and a dozen 1/4bbl tall kegs.

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    G4 Kegs chiming in here.

    As Don mentioned, the price breaks are usually around 200 kegs (for G4 Kegs and other suppliers). If you know you aren't going to need 200+ kegs, we would recommend starting small and getting more as you need. G4 offers really quick shipping turnarounds, so you can get kegs pretty much on demand.

    Email us at or give us a call at 541-508-5218

    -G4 Kegs

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