Small Brewery For Sale
Practical Fusion built this 7ish barrel brewery for us in 2011, we ordered a new mash tun in 2017 but doesn’t look like we’ll be able to brew in our other location. Mash Tun piping can be finished to your specs as well as any other work you want done on the system by Practical Fusion (at your cost). Doesn’t have a platform yet as the new location we moved into provided some serious challenges to make everything fit.

1 - 7bbl Direct Fired boil kettle with piping
2 – 7bbl jacketed but uninsulated or clad fermenters
1 – 7bbl jacketed, insulated & clad fermenter (straight sided)
1 – 7bbl jacketed, insulated & clad brite tank
1 – 7bbl Mash Tun that's never been used and can be finished and piped to your needs.

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Asking $50K for all the listed equipment above, buy pays shipping and handling so PM for more info on the system and what options for it are avail.