Looking at attending a new brewery workshop to help me get started. There is one coming up in San Diego which will be a bit pricey b/c of the cost of tickets plus having to find a hotel. There is also one coming up in October but much closer to me in new york (I'm in philly) which won't require a plane ticket and the cost of the workshop is less. The one in san diego is over 4 days and the one in new york is 2.

While keeping in mind that I don't really have a budget for this it also seems like a workshop like this is something I can't afford to not learn from. What are your thoughts on what workshops are best for my money?

Two that I am looking at now are...
http://www.breweryworkshop.com/ (in august for 4 days. cost $1,000 plus flight and hotel)
http://hopshire.com/new-brewery-workshop/ (next one in October for 2 days and cost $750 plus driving and hotel)

Any other suggestions for other workshops or information about these ones I should know about before committing?