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Wild Goose 600 Can Line with Conveyance and Cartoners

Look what we’ve got here. A not even 2 year old Wild Goose can line with conveyance, accumulation tables, and cartoners.

Can Line: Wild Goose 600
-We bought it new straight from the goose
-10 filler heads (this was customized for us to fill faster, they typically have 8 heads)
-2 seamers
-Includes rinser and drier (we upgraded the rinser this a bit, can give more details to those that are seriously interested)
-Includes pressure and temperature sensor option
-Runs around 95 CPM +/-

Cartoner 1: Econocorp Spartan (newer)
-We bought it new straight from Econocorp
-Includes the 6-lane automated infeed which can accomodate cartons from 4-packs up to 24-pack
-We added a low carton magazine alarm and light tower
-Change parts to pack 4, 6, and 9-packs included (easy to add more sizes if you need them later)
-Econocorp worked with us to build custom side tables for variety packs which work great. There are 3 side tables on the infeed so you could do a 3 flavor variety with loose cans or 4-flavors by running the filler concurrently. We currently use it for a 3-flavor variety with 2 tables being used and the 3rd flavor from the filler.

Cartoner 2: Econocorp Spartan (older)
-We bought this used from another brewery
-They were using it for 6-packs. We swapped it over to 4-packs. As it sits, it is not necessarily easy to change back and forth to different package sizes. Unless you are very handy and want to do some more tweaking, I’d recommend just setting it to 4 or 6 packs and forgetting about it.
-Why two cartoners? We used to run a Mumm ring machine for 4 and 6 packs along with the cartoner machine for 9 packs. Marketing/sales plans changed and we ditched the rings. 4-packs can be a bottleneck with cartons. They run best around 20 cycles per minute (you can go faster but they don’t like it) which won’t keep up with the full speed of the filler with 4-packs (4 x 20 = 80). Hence the second cartoner. Variety packs can also be a bottleneck with a single cartoner because the cans from the filler only go to a single lane. In our case with 9-packs it would take about 60 (20 x 3) can from the filler per minute. With the 2 cartoners the overflow from the filler can go to the other cartoner. It is also great to have redundancy if anything is down for repair.

Conveyance: Arrowhead
-We bought the conveyance new from arrowhead
-It includes a rotary accumulation table from DTM that takes the two lane outfeed from the filler and merges the cans onto a single file belt so they can be sent through a fill height inspector (if you were to add one).
-There is a 12” wide mattop section that brings the cans past the bi-di accumulation table (more info below) down to the cartoners

Bi-directional Accumulation Table
-We got this used from DTM along with their new rotary table
-It is currently set up with a drive and manual controls. We are considering adding some automation for starting/stopping/direction changes. If that happens I will update the listing.

Just add your own depal and you are in action. We are keeping the depal (from Ska, happy to tell you about it and make an intro, I would highly recommend them) because it will still work with our new line.

We are commissioning our new can line in early January. As soon as we know it is working we can ship this one. Should be mid to late January.

I’d prefer to sell the whole thing as a package. I will be evaluating offers for that first and if necessary, consider splitting things up later.

Please email if you are interested.

Pictures and videos available at this link.