We have outgrown this chiller and we will be up-sizing at the end of the month. It was in operation from May 2017 to present day and brought us from launch to our current cellar capacity (3@30BBL FV, 5@60BBL FV's, 2@60BBL BT's, 90BBL CLT)

- 100 gallon reservoir
- 7HP supply pump
- Variable Frequency Drive 7.5 HP
- VFD Enclosure
- TEFC 7.5 HP Process Pump
- Circuit Breaker with all new wiring
- VFD Pressure Transducer

Asking $25,000.00 for all equipment as well as removal from our roof but excludes crating/shipping.

Please send e-mail to cheers@fiveboroughs.com for any additional information.