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Thread: 2013 Della Toffola 5 meter DE Filter (newer High pressure Beer specific model)

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    2013 Della Toffola 5 meter DE Filter (newer High pressure Beer specific model)

    We are selling our Della Toffola DE Filter. It is a Big 5 sq meter unit (FSB-5) 2013 yr. Full flow it is rated at 10,000 Liter and Hr or 85 barrel an hr. We bought this without looking over the specs completely. It is 3 phase 208v and we do not have that at our facility and to get it was going to be to difficult and expensive. So we are just trying to get some of our money back out of this as we have already purchased a different unit. We never used this machine, but it is clean and in great shape, Was working great for the Brewery we purchased from. We gave the unit a half day full cleaning and sanitation by taking all pieces apart and scrubbing/soaking before it came into the winery,(it was already clean but we are extra paranoid on sanitation here). This Unit is what the people over at Della Toffola referred to as the "Cadillac version" of DE filters. It has all the bells and whistles. It is also made specifically for beer filtration with some added functions and also heaver duty stainless steel for a higher pressure rating and thus more filtration ability. New this unit goes for close to $30,000. Asking $14,000 OBO. We will crate, you cover freight or we can line up for cost of freight through our broker, either way.

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