The Head Brewer’s position is to be responsible for the day-to-day operations in the brewery. They will make sure all beer is produced to the highest quality. They will work with the Master Brewer to manage the brewing team. They will develop existing SOPs ensuring the brewing team is following protocol.

Duties include effectively communicating with all departments and upper management, scheduling staff hours and the day-to-day operations of the team making sure all duties are done in a safe and timely manner (this will cover brewing, cellaring and packaging), organizing and utilizing spreadsheets for brew logs using Excel and Ekos, overseeing the entire brewing process including fermentation, dry hopping, transferring and brite tank carbonation, ensuring all cellaring is done to meet brewing schedules and transfers, managing inventory and purchasing brewing ingredients, cleaning chemicals and packaging products, advising the Master Brewer on changes to recipes and processes to meet the beer profiles, maintaining good employee relationships, keeping employees up-to-date with any changes, ensuring all staff are properly trained, maintaining brewery equipment ensuring everything is in proper and working order, executing and delivering on beer development and research, setting and meeting practical deadlines with the Master Brewer, teaching and enforcing safety standards, helping out the team wherever needed, including brewing, cellaring and packaging.

Candidates must have 5 years experience as a full time Brewer, leadership and organizational skills with the ability to demonstrate to the team how to accomplish their tasks in a safe and timely manner, logistical and planning skills with critical thinking capability, able to foresee opportunities or obstacles and plan accordingly, able to lift heavy objects repeatedly and safely.

Beneficial education and skills include chemistry, microbiology, fermentation science, biology or similar science-based degrees, graduation from an accredited School of Brewing, similar job or work history. Extensive beer knowledge and brewing techniques are an asset.

Salary based on experience and education.

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