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Thread: RYE beer with a spicy phenol yeast?

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    RYE beer with a spicy phenol yeast?

    so love the spicy rye character. i only get it when i used malted and crystal together, although the crystal does bring some sweetness to the party, so i feel like i could use a bit more of the spice.

    was thinking maybe a phenolic yeast might help that category? obvious culprits would be saison and belgian. although im not really a fan of either of those types of beers.

    so keep it cold for phenolics, oxygenate to avoid esters, etc. but as im not intimately familiar/experienced with these styles of yeast im wondering if it there is a particular strain out there that folks could recommend? low ester, spicy. good attenuation would be a plus.

    dry or liquid.


    if it matters, this is getting belgian pale ale base with 25/5% of rye/crystal rye and then giving it the citra/simcoe/lemondrop treatment.

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    I would recommend Fermentis T-58 dry yeast and ferment at the lower end at around 60F-62F. It will make a nice spicy but not over the top rye ale at those lower temps.

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    Agreed. T58 is a very versatile yeast; will do what you coach it to do.

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