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Thread: USMC Vet. Head Brewer/Marketer

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    USMC Vet. Head Brewer/Marketer

    Hey Guys,

    My name's Ty Stevenson and I am a brewer.

    When I was 13 my grandparents took me in as my mom couldn't financially support my sister and I any longer and at the ripe age of 17, two days after my 17th birthday, with the signature of my grandparents, I signed up for the USMC as the first from my family. After graduating high school at 17 I went to boot camp, then to combat school, and finally radio operator school before going to my reserve unit. During the days I wasn't training, I was attending college as the first in my family and graduated with my Bachelor's of Management around the same time I finished my 6 year commitment with the Marines.

    I got a job making $30/hr as an assistant project manager for a construction company and I hated that job so I quit after three months and said to myself that if life was going to take up this much of my life, I better make damn sure I like what I choose to do for a career. The only thing I was able to think of was that I liked beer! So I taught myself homebrewing. I quickly fell in love and after only 3 batches of extract brewing, I jumped up to all-grain. I then enrolled myself in to Siebel Institute of Technology where after taking their Concise Course in Brewing Technologies for 3 months online, I received a certificate saying "I know how to brew beer". During those three months I started a small business where I help homebrewers with their brewing water and continue to run that to this day called Waters Brewer. Also during that time I was raising a half wolf dog puppy, working full time an hour away, and was committed to a full time relationship.

    I finally received a job as an assistant brewer at a 10bbl brewery where I worked for 3 months before moving to a different, smaller, brewery where I acted as Tap Room Manager and opened and closed the doors every day of the brewery for a year. After working there for 2 months, the head brewer left, and the owners know I brewed as well so they asked me if I wanted to be the head brewer as well, I said yes! Over the next 8 months I was the solo man running the brewery, I made the beer and I sold the beer.

    After learning everything I needed to about running a small brewery, I decided to go travel Europe (first time out of the country), by myself for 4 months. I went to 11 countries and 29 different cities staying in and out of hostels and taking public transportation everywhere. I started a traveling beer blog for this venture called A Brewers Story and had the amazing opportunity to meet so many amazing brewers and bar room staff all throughout Europe. I decided that Spain was the best location for me to start my own brewery through this adventure. I have now brewed beer in 5 different countries and aim to hold the world record of most beer brewed in different countries by the end of my 60's.

    I am looking for a brewing job at the moment, currently living in northern California but willing to relocate if necessary. I have a very creative brain (I listen to podcasts/audiobooks about marketing/branding/business/life every day) and can run a taproom or production brewery.

    If you are interested in working with me feel free to shoot me an email at

    Thanks for your time!

    Ty Stevenson
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