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Thread: Motorized ball valves

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    Motorized ball valves

    Does anyone have any experience with these valves?

    I'm looking for some for the glycol loop for my fermenters and the price is very attractive. I know a cheap valve that fails to function will cost me a lot more in the long run so we can skip the lectures. I'm just curious about the brand.


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    I'm using 8 of the 1/2" on my loop. I grabbed 2 extra to have on hand, and made sure to put manual ball valves in place to be able to service/replace the motorized ones as needed. No issues as of yet, but only 6 months in.

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    Servo choices

    Motorized Ball valves are possibly one of the most unnecessary " overkill " items ever to be thought up to use on Glycol loops.
    They are both fully and wholly unnecessary and there are lots of other choices that will do perfectly fine at a fraction of the cost and with much lower mean time between failure and without all the nonsensical moving parts.
    The ones I am using in this plant rarely if ever fail and are dirt cheap.
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    I believe the primary arguements for motorized ball valves are that they typically have a larger flow orifice and that they do not cause a hammering effect when opening and closing. They are also typically able to be controlled manually in the event of a mechanical failure.

    Solenoids often have small channels for liquid to flow through, and they can easily get blocked by debris (ABS shavings, rust, or scale). They shut off and on quickly and that can cause a hammering effect. They are not always able to be manually over-ridden in the event of failure.

    I believe you get what you pay for on these valves, and I opt for Belimo motorized, Red Hat II solenoids, or Burkert pneumatics. Have seen them all fail for different reasons. Have seen cheap Chinese solenoids fail within hours. I use any of the quality valves depending on the application. When you are looking at the quality valves, prices fall pretty close to each other anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnFermentable View Post
    I believe the primary arguments for motorized ball valves are ....
    Yep, good responce. I would think the most unnecessary thing in a brewery would be an engineer. HA!
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