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Thread: Manual 2 Tank Keg Washer similar to Premier Stainless

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    Manual 2 Tank Keg Washer similar to Premier Stainless


    Better photos available via email (I had to edit the photos down to 100 kb and they lost a lot of detail. I can email full quality ones)

    I have a used Manual keg washer for sale. It has 2 tanks, one heated for detergent, one unheated for sanitizer. Works great, we just bought an automatic one recently. You'll need to have your electrician add a plug at the end of the cord but that's a easy job. We needed that one for our new one so we used it to save time and cost. Other than that it's completely ready to go. I do have a manual on it I can send with. It's designed after the Premiere stainless model but has 2 tanks instead of one, so it's nicer. Please email me and make an offer. Looking to sell ASAP to clear some room. Name:  IMG_20180711_130622NEW.jpg
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