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Thread: Educated Assistant Brewer looking for opportunity in Arizona!

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    Educated Assistant Brewer looking for opportunity in Arizona!

    Experienced homebrewer with Graduate Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing from Regis University in Denver, CO looking to begin a career at a brewery and learn and grow with them in Arizona.

    Worked as an Assistant Brewer in Denver. Experience with all aspects of hot-side production and assisted with cold-side operations as well. Ensured cleanliness of the brewery/tanks/equipment. Specialized in working with cask ales.

    Known for strong work ethic and ability to learn and grow quickly. Passionate to learn all about the industry with proven track record of success. Demonstrated problem solving, leadership and customer service skills as well.

    Message me for a copy of my resume!


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    Sent you a private message

    I just sent you a PM

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