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Thread: Complete 7bbl brewing system for sale in Sweden

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    Complete 7bbl brewing system for sale in Sweden

    Brewhouse with Siemens touch screen control panel w/ brewers stainless platform
    Lauter/ Mashtun w/motorized mashrake, grist hydrator, 600 # grist case 6 meter stainless
    auger, large 2 roll mill, mills 55lbs / 4 min.
    Kettle / whirlpool motorized mixer steam jacket brew 11bbl =1300 liter
    HLT steamjacket 14bbl w/condenser tank and return pump
    Plate heat exchanger water/glycol
    4 9bbl jacket conecal fermenters w/CIP
    5 9bbl jacket brite tanks w/CIP
    Steam boiler w/210 kw Baltur propane burner CE cert, (super fast and efficient)
    CIP station w/ 9000w heater
    2 large cold climate glycol chillers w/3000 litre glycol tank (can add up to 15 ferm/brite tanks)
    Bottling line XRB-16 counter pressure filler 2 pneumatic cappers ELF-50 labeler with printer and rotor tables
    Meheen prebottle rinser station 650bph
    Cask manual canning line w/ can rinser.
    Della Toffola 400x400 filterpress
    Semi Automatic 2 keg washer
    Semi Automatic 2 keg filler
    50 - 30 litre kegs G type
    Transfer pumps/ w lots of food grade clamp hoses
    Walk-in refrigerator 2.8m X 3.4m
    Zahn and Nagel CO2
    2 black magic stir plates 4- 6.5 carboys
    High speed shear mixer
    Stainless sink w/ built in wort chiller
    And lots more.
    This is a complete brewery less than 5 years old. Serious enquiries only, will send pics upon request 1.300000 SEK = 125000 EUR = 147000 USD
    For US market, need to replace all electric motors.

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