Hi. St. Stan's has recently taken control of a well laid out, quality facility using a 30 bbl Premier Stainless. 3 vessel brewhouse, and fermenters ranging from 30 bbl to 90 bbl. Due to the construction of the brewhouse and fermenters, batches from 15 bbl to a little over 33bbl can be brewed, several times a day. The facility also has a plate and frame filter and a brand new 6 head, longneck Meheen filler. Soon, canning will also be an option.

This facility is simply too large for the current needs of the company, who is concentrating on sales at their pub. If you are interested, please email me personally and I can provide more information.

Thank you,

Bill Coffey
Beverage Industry Specialists, Llc
St. Stan's Brewing
Copper Cane Distilling