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Thread: What marketing do you find most effective for non-taproom sales (liquor stores, etc.)

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    What marketing do you find most effective for non-taproom sales (liquor stores, etc.)

    Hi all,

    What ad strategies and ad platforms have you found most effective for driving your in-store can/bottle sales? We're going to be launching a canned winery real soon, and I'm super curious to see what you guys find most effective for those external sales? We're running a marathon here where distribution is our end goal. For various reasons, we can't really justify a taproom -- due to some of our funding parameters, we're locked into setting up our operations in a rural area where having one doesn't make a lot of sense. So we'll be blitzing headstrong on our stores with cans. I do know this is the harder path, tap rooms seem to be pretty lucrative, and in the future we can probably go that route, but right now these are the rules we're playing within.

    Interested to see some specifics on these areas:

    • In store signage: what's worked/hasn't
    • Social media efforts that you can trace back to external store sales
    • Solid ad campaigns you've found effective for supporting your external sales

    And of course anything else you want to share is welcome as well. Thanks in advance gang!

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    for non-taproom sales i prefer mass email sending or mass sms sending marketing for ex. atompark

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