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Thread: need to replace Burned up heating elements

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    need to replace Burned up heating elements

    Our brewery uses electric heating element for the hot liquor tank.

    We've burned up two of the Mcmaster Carr stainless steel units...about $280 / each. I don't know if it's salts, acids or what that's causing the corrosion and ultimate failure of these elements, but I would like to get a recommendation on a similar unit.

    we sometimes put lactic acid, calcium chloride and / or calcium sulfate in the HLT depending on the brew.

    Our wiring is 3 phase, 240V, i believe max amperage of 25V.

    thanks for any input.

    3656K162 Screw-Plug Mount Immersion Heater, 304 Stainless Steel, 240V AC, Three Phase, 10500W, 28" Long
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