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Thread: Maintaining keg back pressure while filling

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    Maintaining keg back pressure while filling

    How do you ensure that proper keg back pressure is maintained while filling?

    After a stressful weekend of undercarbonated kegs and madly forcing our filled kegs, I had to go back to the drawing board. I identifed some brite tank issues that are now fixed and a determined that our filling speed was way too damn fast.

    Last thing I need to determine a solution so that I keep proper back pressure on our kegs while filling.

    Can I hear your solutions or suggestions?

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    Throw one of these on both the gas and liquid side of your coupler when filling:

    If you wanted, you could add a FOB device too that would stop the flow when foam/beer begins emerging from the keg.

    When the keg is full you should be able to fully and quickly open the blow-off valve and see solid beer coming out of the line and not just foam. If if is a bunch of foam and never turns to solid beer then you are filling too fast and have a big cap of foam on the beer in the keg.

    What are your brite tank pressures at, keg pressures prior to fililng, carb levels, and what is the head pressure of your tank while kegging? All of this info will come into play in dialing in the filling process.


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    Manual keg filler with fob

    Read these threads.

    The consensus seems to generally be that the GW Kent Fob Fillers are pretty reliable and simple. I use a TC manifold with 8 of these to rack kegs off of a 60 bbl bright tank. Makes for a lengthy but good day of kegging, about 6 hours with setup and breakdown. I haven't timed it, but I am guessing that I am filling 8 sixtel kegs in about 6 minutes.

    GW Kent Link for new model:
    Todd G Hicks
    BeerDenizen Brewing Services
    Serda Brewing Company
    OPEN - Finally!!!

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