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Thread: Cleaning/sanitizing oxygenation o2 hoses parts...

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    Cleaning/sanitizing oxygenation o2 hoses parts...

    We will be in line oxygenation with pure o2 through a stone inline to fv prior to pitching yeast through top manway of a 3bbl unitank. The wort, at this point, being very susceptible to contamination worries me. How often should the o2 hoses and barbs be sanitized and how? Just before the initial use? Pump boiling or sani through em prior to each use? Or do the hoses and o2 and fittings and stone magically prevent contaminants from reaching the cooled wort? Thanks

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    Well, nothing (bacteria or otherwise) can survive in a pure o2 environment, so as long as your system from your tank to your connection point on the stone stays clean, closed and full of oxygen, you dont really have to worry too much about that. I'd treat the connection point and stone the same way you treat the rest of your H.X./K.O. system.

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    Its a shame that comment doesn't actually work in practice. You may not notice it immediately, but notice it you will.

    Clean and sterilise everything just before use.

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    We do as Dick suggests where I work (heh, how many times have I typed that?) – our inline stone is connected right to the wort-out port on our heat exchanger, and gets sanitized when we sani the kettle-heat exchanger loop. We do this sani with boiling water, so, we can be sure the heat penetrates the whole stone, even if the water itself doesn't (we have to run boiling water anyway, long story – you might consider a different procedure here if you don't). The oxygen hose gets a PAA bath right before we start runoff, and the connections get hit with the PAA sprayer before the hose goes back on. You'll probably wanna connect the hose on the tank side and blow out any lingering PAA from the hose before connecting the stone side. Takes all of two or three minutes, I'd highly recommend it!

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    We have a sterile air filter attached to the o2 tank and a small piece of hose with a tc on one end and a quick connect on the other that plugs into the stone. We sanitize the hose before use. We have a few 02 stones that once cleaned with caustic and acid are autoclaved in sealed sterile surgical bags. These get opened and installed on the process line on brew day and the whole system is heat sanitized.

    This may seem like overkill, because it most likely is, but it works. When we had a 3bbl brewery with tighter budgets, we used to use a pressure cooker to sterilize the stones.
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    We break everything down after each brew, then wash the stones and other parts in very hot caustic lye in an ultra-sonic cleaner. Before each batch, we follow the procedure feinbera outlined above.

    We sanitize the O2 line when it's new with ETOH. We use a self-closing air chuck for the QD to the stone, so nothing ever gets back into the O2 line. If someone screws up and contaminates the O2 line with wort, we discard and replace the entire line.
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