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Thread: An update & a lesson

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    An update & a lesson

    So, a few weeks ago, I posted a thread about a glycol chiller that had been "acting funny for awhile." Thought I had it licked. Turns out, there was a leak in the system, and the seals DID burn up on the pump after all. Had to replace it.
    Then, what I thought was a "quirky" solenoid was actually the TXV malfunctioning, and causing the loop temp to drop. This also had to be replaced because I failed to acknowledge this problem months ago. The expensive lesson I learned is this. Equipment has no personality, it has no mind, it can express no emotion. It cannot "act" funny every now and then, it cannot be "quirky." If something is not functioning in the manner with which it was designed, then something is definitely wrong, no matter how simple a remedy it requires, and it should receive immediate attention.
    I'm sure 99% of you know this already, I simply wish to address the other 1% that are like me. Lesson learned!

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    I hear you. If the system starts acting funny there's something up.

    LOL...I don't know how many times in my previous career I heard operators blaming the PLC controller that I programmed for problems that arose with their process years after the system was installed and commissioned. Kind of like asking the auto mechanic to check out the computer in your car when you get a flat tire...

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    yea, I find myself humanizing machines, thinking they will somehow fix themselves, or take me seriously when I curse or yell at them. Guess I took shows like the Jetson's way too seriously as a kid. I see how that could be dangerous. A micro brewery seems harmless but is essentially a small factory with lots of things that can go boom. I actually had glycol in my beer lines once. That was a nightmare and 1/2. Fortunately somebody else in the brewery was coy enough to diagnose the problem early.

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