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Thread: Carbing in conical fermenter??

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    Carbing in conical fermenter??

    Wondering if running a loop on a conical with a carb stone placed in a "T" on the loop would work? sort of like a Blichmann quick carb in homebrewing but on a 3.5bbl.

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    This is what the brewery I work at used to do, back when we used to have only British conditioning tanks that weren't designed to hold enough pressure to carb (we do mostly cask-conditioned ales) – we'd throw our oxygen stone in a loop with our mobile pump and recirculate. Setup/teardown was a pain, it took a long time, and the results were mediocre and inconsistent. We haven't done it since we got ourselves a conical with a port for a CO2 stone.

    Is there any way you can get a stone directly into the tank? Most conicals come with a port for a stone, having been designed for exactly this application. I've also heard of folks putting a T on the port for the pressure gauge or sample cock, and getting a stone with a neck long enough that most/all of the body reaches into the tank.

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    Conical fermenters deserve Spunding valves

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