Hey everyone,

We are about to open, and will be using 100% unitanks. For now, it will be a bit of canning but mostly kegged beer. We're also going to be making cold-brew coffee and some craft sodas and teas (all non-alcoholic). We are a 1BBL brewhouse with 10bbls of fermenter space in 7 fermenters (four 1bbl unitanks and three 2bbl unitanks)

My original plan was to do 100% no filtration. However, I'm thinking I'd like to do a bit of filtration with an in-line metal mesh filter (at our production level, metal mesh seems to be the best way to go) to make sure nothing too large gets through. I don't care about artificially clearing up my beers 100%, or removing yeast for shelf stability. Simply making sure there are no floaties in my beer.

Using exclusively unitanks to ferment and carbonate, and then kegs for serving, at what point should I filter? Is it possible to mesh filter after carbonation on the way to the keg, or will I have to sanitize another empty unitank and do a pressurized transfer from one to the other through a filter? I don't like the idea of extra transfers.

Also, what micron would you all suggest for a metal mesh filter for a rough filter?

We also want to filter our cold-brew, and I was thinking about a 10-20 micron filter for that to preserve mouthfeel.

Thanks in advance guys.