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Thread: Dry hop timing??

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    Dry hop timing??

    Brewing 1st batch on 3bbl system and unitank.. any advice on when to dry hop? Few days into fermentation? After d rest? Before or after yeast dump? Before or after cold crash? Thanks

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    I'm working with a similar setup to yours. I dry hop when the beer is at 75%-80% of F.G. That's also the same time I begin the diacetyl rest.

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    I usually allow fermentation to end, after d-rest, I crash to 55F, blow off the yeast, and dry hop up to 7 days. Throughout that time I'll hook some CO2 up to the bottom and bump the hops with 10 good bursts every few hours, have always had great flavor and aroma. DH during fermentation can lead excess activity and overflow out of the tank, so be careful how much you use in one addition if you go that route, you might get a beer baptism. DH before ferm is done will give you different flavors as the yeast metabolize, so it just depends on what you want for that recipe.

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    We typically wait for it to hit terminal (4-5 days at 68, bump to 70 for the last 3 days or so), drop to 60f and dry hop for 4 days. Cap and add a few lbs of head space pressure, crash and drop out the cone after the second day. We have learned from lab testing that more than 4 days dry hop does nothing for drawing out more hop oils.

    EJ Phair

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    Our typical procedure for pales, IPAs, and DH sours is 1st DH when activity begins to slow or nearing full attenuation, allow 3 days at ferm temp, then drop to 60F, add 2nd DH, and allow to finish for an additional 3 days at 60F before crashing. We used to follow a more extended timeline for dry hopping, but found this shorter timeline to be just as effective. It also works very well for NEIPA where freshness and TAT are key.

    Best Regards,
    Jason Lacny
    Four Fathers Brewing LLC

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