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    I wanted to get a feeling what breweries are using in the way of PCR, I see Invisible Sentinel and Pall are in the market place, who else has a good product? And do they offer Hop resistant kits?


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    Invisible Sentinel offers a test for hop resistant lactic acid bacteria. We have had issues with the system as a whole though - certain ingredients such as fruit can cause false positives/negatives on certain tests they offer. It is quick and easy though.

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    We use a Biotecon LightCycler 480. It's probably overkill, but allows for more custom manipulation of primers, targets, etc. We also have a Pall Genedisc which is pretty convenient. If you're looking to do more in depth studies/testing and want to use specific primers and whatnot, LightCycler would be the way to go, but if all you need is spoiler detection yes/no, Genedisc has been pretty reliable. You can also use bacteria kits, yeast kits, and a few others with either of these.

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