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Thread: Tax determination in the Fermenter or the Brite Tank?

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    Question Tax determination in the Fermenter or the Brite Tank?

    Newbie question, but maybe it varies State to State.

    Is the Tax determination done in the Fermenter or the Brite Tank? Illinois... North Carolina?


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    This is kinda a shot in the dark but I would think you tax determine in a brite tank since it is considered finished be and not beer in fermentation. When i was asked by my abc agent here in Virginia he aske if i was going to tax determine in be fermenters or my brite i said brites and he was ok with it.

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    According to the TTB you tax determine in the BBT if it is a serving vessel, if not you tax determine when the packaged product hits the truck or your taproom. We tax determine right after packaging when the BBT is empty. Keeps it simple, they were ok with it. If we had more loss, broken cases moving around the brewery it might be worth taxing at the point of transfer but we do not have a lot of destruction in the brewery. Not sure about individual state laws.
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