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Thread: Canning Line Maintenance - The Quest for Longer Lasting Bearings....

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    Canning Line Maintenance - The Quest for Longer Lasting Bearings....

    Depending on the Line you have your challenges will be different.
    As follows will be some trials and results as used on the " Cask ACS 5."

    The first and most important thing to take serious note of is the " ONLY " Ceramic Bearings tried that have worked out are the Hybrid Sets that Run on the Angelus Seam Rolls.
    Those rolls incorporate a ceramic set that runs on a hardened SS race. Based on my experience and also reports from people who service those assemblies all the time, they are almost indestructable when maintained correctly. They do have zerks and we are using the JBT H1-LT Seamer grease which is Spec'd by Cask.
    Because of the contact issues with the Air Operated Seamer on this model, all of the top side bearings are subject to faster wear than would normally be the case.

    Over the past 2-3 years I have seen and opted to try a few of the Hybrids and also one set of Full Ceramic bearings.

    For the Spindle Position we tried:
    6205-DDp.ZR/SN=BEI Full Ceramic. Cost $ 140.76 each. RESULT - Worthless and Ultra fast wear compared to regular SS.
    SMR06205C-2RS Boca Hybrid Ceramic with SS Race Cost $62.97 each. RESULT - Poor with noticable fast wear compared to regular SS.
    6205-2RS VXB Hybrid Ceramic Bearing. Cost $44.37 each. Result - Poor with noticable fast wear compared to regular SS.

    The VXB Hybirds were also tried in the Lift Table Position with similar results. Premature failure.
    Solid Lube SS bearings were also tried in all standard radial bearing positions with faster wear than regular SS.

    Angelus has obviously made the Hybrid Ceramic bearing work in most excellent fashion because they understand what " industrial duty " is and buid to that standard.
    The obvious fault on all the other Ceramics and Hybrids appears to be lack of " hardness " in the rotating contact surfaces.
    So not only are they not built " strong enough," but they are priced like a Rolls Royce in Comparison to a very good grade of SS equivalent.

    If someone out there wants to send me some 6205 in full ceramic to try at no cost, I'll give it another go. Otherwise I am nto convinced that the industry has gone very far at all with this Tech.
    One of the Reps swore that those were exactly what I needed and that they were being used on other lines successfully.
    The Result of all tests were Premature Failure, and setup drift that happens very quickly. The Run In period in fact never stops with those types.
    I have to wonder who exactly is using those types of very expensive bearings, why they are paying the extra high price, and how long they are lasting in those other settings?
    SO for now the Quest for a Better Bearing goes on.
    Until later.

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