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Thread: Water Report - What do you think?

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    Water Report - What do you think?

    Here is a water report for our building.

    pH 7.7
    TDS 212
    Electrical Conductivity 0.35
    Cations/Anions 4.0/3.7

    Sodium 5
    Potassium 1
    Calcium 48
    Magnesium 16
    Total Hardness, CaCO3 187
    Nitrate 1.6
    Sulfate 4
    Chloride 12
    Carbonate < 1.0
    BiCarbonate 184
    Total Alkalinity 152
    Total Phosphorus 0.03
    Total Iron < 0.01

    Give me your input as to what we need to do with it for brewing. RO system with blending valve, charcoal filter, etc.


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    Typical for WI - we are sitting on a huge limestone bed.
    You could go for RO, that would be the best solution. If you don't you will have some scale build-up headaches and problems balancing the salt additions for lighter styles. You will want to add sulfate and chloride to get the best water for beer styles. And acid to adjust mash PH too.
    Either way Id have 2 water steams, Cleaning & brewing liqueur. If no RO do an acid rinse every time, Acid first CIP on brewhouse, and occasionally acid cleaning of the HLT and the water side of the Heat-X. Id also get a foam gun with foaming acid for tank exteriors.
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    Besides hardness your water is pretty good, sure it depends on beer style you're gonna brew but it's not bad to start with. IMO RO would be unnecessary, maybe if you're nano or something that size.
    I would take care of hardness and that's all.
    Also, it is always good to check chloramine level since it can cause chlorophenol.

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    That should be a great starting point for brewing water. The flavor ions are quite low. The main issue is the alkalinity and that is easily neutralized with acid addition.

    You may want RO in your brewery to serve your cleaning purposes since the hardness in the tap water may interfere with some cleaning products. You might want to cut your tap water for brewing some styles, but that seems to be a lesser need with that tap water.
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    If you have RO, I'd go RO and rebuild the water however you like per beer.

    Otherwise your water is pretty good for making beer with dark specialty malts. You may want to add some gypsum and calcium chloride to adjust mouthfeel, but be careful about driving up your calcium levels too much or you are going to end up with calcium oxalate precipitation (this is especially crappy in the fermentor).

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    Thank You

    Thank you to those that responded.

    We will be going with an RO system that will allow us to blend our water depending upon style of beer we are making.

    Those of you with RO Systems, any advice for systems? We are a 3 bbl brewery.

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